[OFFER] Inside Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: T-SQL Querying

Tackle the toughest set-based querying and query tuning problems—guided by an author team with in-depth, inside knowledge of T-SQL. Deepen your understanding of architecture and internals—and gain practical approaches and advanced techniques to optimize your code’s performance.
Discover how to:
Move from procedural programming to the language of sets and logic Optimize query tuning with a top-down methodology Assess algorithmic complexity to predict performance Compare data-aggregat

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[OFFER] Inside Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: T-SQL Programming (Pro-Developer)

Get a detailed look at the internal architecture of T-SQL with this comprehensive programming reference. Database developers and administrators get best practices, expert techniques, and code samples to master the intricacies of this programming language—solving complex problems with real-world solutions.Discover how to: Work with T-SQL and CLR user-defined functions, stored procedures, and triggers. Handle transactions, concurrency, and error handling. Efficiently use temporary objects, inclu

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[OFFER] Inside Cisco IOS Software Architecture (CCIE Professional Development Series) Reviews

An essential guide to understanding the Cisco IOS architecture In-depth coverage of Cisco’s IOS Software architecture provides crucial information to: Prevent network problems and optimize performance through more efficient design and configuration Isolate and resolve network problems more quickly and easily Apply the appropriate packet switching method, such as process switching, fast switching, optimum switching, or Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) Understand the hardware architecture

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[OFFER] Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out Reviews

Dive into Exchange Server 2010 and SP1—and discover how to really put your messaging solutions to work! This well-organized and in-depth reference packs all the details you need to deploy and manage Exchange 2010, including hundreds of timesaving solutions, expert tips, and workarounds. Topics include preparing for the deployment of Exchange 2010; new features of Service Pack 1; using Remote PowerShell and the Exchange Management Shell; understanding how the new Role Based Access Control (RBAC

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