[OFFER] Solaris Application Programming

Solaris™ Application Programming is a comprehensive guide to optimizing the performance of applications running in your Solaris environment. From the fundamentals of system performance to using analysis and optimization tools to their fullest, this wide-ranging resource shows developers and software architects how to get the most from Solaris systems and applications.
Whether you’re new to performance analysis and optimization or an experienced developer searching for the most efficie

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[OFFER] Solaris 10 The Complete Reference (Osborne Complete Reference Series)

First to market, “The Solaris 10: The Complete Reference” is a soup-to-nuts reference for administrators migrating from Windows, Linux or previous versions of Solaris. Get an updated and comprehensive Solaris 10 reference that starts at installation and ends at incorporating applications. Use the included resources such as the Solaris 10 installation checklists and procedures, command reference and worked examples to learn how to use this new version to the fullest.

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[OFFER] Solaris ZFS Administration Guide

The ZFS file system is a revolutionary new file system that fundamentally changes the way file systems are administered, with features and benefits not found in any other file system available today. ZFS has been designed to be robust, scalable, and simple to administer.

ZFS uses the concept of storage pools to manage physical storage. Historically, file systems were constructed on top of a single physical device. To address multiple devices and provide for data redundancy, the concep

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Teaches how to work smart and avoid the many pitfalls of managing Solaris systemsCovers the latest release of Solaris, Solaris 9, as well as earlier versionsWritten by experts with years of Solaris experiencePacked with practical, hands-on solutions to tough problems, showing how to avoid costly mistakesTackles managing system performance; the Sun Fire line of Solaris enterprise servers; installing, configuring, and patching Solaris; and ensuring security

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[OFFER] Solaris 10 Security Essentials

Solaris™ 10 Security Essentials describes the various security technologies contained in the Solaris operating system. The book describes how to make installations secure and how to configure the OS to the particular needs of your environment, whether your systems are on the edge of the Internet or running a data center. The authors present the material in a straightforward way that makes a seemingly arcane subject accessible to system administrators at all levels.   The strengths of the So

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