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Scenario: An administrator is configuring a NetScaler system for an environment that includes
– a DNS server with an IP address of
– four web servers with IP address of
– a network firewall
– default gateway with the IP address of
Which command can the administrator use to configure the NetScaler system to resolve DNS queries using an external DNS server?

A.    add dns server
B.    add server DNS1 -external
C.    add dns nameserver DNS1
D.    add dns server -external
E.    add lb vserver dns nameserver DNS1

Answer: C

During the initial setup of a NetScaler system, an administrator can use the __________ to correctly set the nsroot password. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence).

A.    Setup Wizard
B.    SSL VPN Wizard
C.    passwd command
D.    set nsroot user command
E.    add nsroot password command

Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator is currently specifying the NetScaler-owned IP addresses for a newly installed system. The servers in this environment are located on a separate subnet from the NetScaler appliance but are still routed through the NetScaler. Currently, there are no MIPs configured on the NetScaler. Which step must the administrator take to ensure that the system communicates correctly in this environment?

A.    Disable USIP mode
B.    Enable USNIP mode
C.    Create a MIP to use as the NSIP
D.    Create a VIP on the subnet with the servers

Answer: B

What are two actions an administrator can take to prevent failover on a NetScaler system in high availability (HA) mode and eliminate the possibility of having two primary systems during network testing of the system? (Choose two.)

A.    Set the primary node to stay primary
B.    Configure the HA node to haProp disabled
C.    Set the secondary node to stay secondary
D.    Configure the HA monitor to OFF for each of the interfaces

Answer: AC

An administrator is installing a NetScaler system using the command line interface. Which command must the administrator use to assign a mapped IP address for the NetScaler system?

A.    add ip <mappedIP> -mip
B.    set ns ip <mappedIP> type mappedIP
C.    set ns ip <mappedIP> <mappedIPSubnet> -type mip
D.    add ns ip <mappedIP> <mappedIPSubnet> -type mip

Answer: D

An administrator needs to configure a NetScaler-owned IP address for server-side connections in an environment that has USNIP mode globally disabled on the NetScaler system. Which step must the administrator take to meet the needs of this scenario?

A.    Ensure USIP mode is enabled globally on the NetScaler
B.    Configure VIPs instead of SNIPs for the server-side connections
C.    Configure a MIP instead of a SNIP for the server-side connections
D.    Enable USNIP mode on the vserver entities bound to the back-end servers

Answer: C

Scenario: A network administrator is implementing a NetScaler system for a large environment. The administrator will be using these IP addresses when configuring the NetScaler system:
-Internal web server IP address:
-NetScaler-owned IP addresses:
Which two items could the administrator specify on the NetScaler system to enable communication with the web server? (Choose two.)

A.    A SNIP in the 192.168.100.X subnet
B.    A static route to the 192.168.100.x subnet
C.    An intranet IP in the 192.168.100.X subnet
D.    A virtual server in the 192.168.100.X subnet

Answer: AB

Which mode must an administrator use to override the default route on the NetScaler?

A.    Layer 2
C.    Path MTU discovery
D.    MAC-based forwarding (MBF)

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator has a new NetScaler system implemented in inline mode and with high availability (HA). Each NetScaler appliance has four connected interfaces and two pairs per appliance are configured in inline mode with link aggregation. Which three steps should the administrator take to establish an HA monitor for each pair? (Choose three.)

A.    Disable all the interfaces that are not connected
B.    Configure an HA monitor for the channel interfaces only
C.    Configure an HA monitor for the physical interfaces only
D.    Ensure that both nodes have the same features licensed
E.    Ensure that the nsroot password and mapped IP addresses are different for each member in a pair

Answer: ABD

An administrator needs to add a NetScaler system to an inline configuration in a high availability (HA) setup so that the new node maintains the configurations already existing on the old node when adding the new NetScaler system to the configuration. Which setting should the administrator select on the new node to achieve this?

A.    Stay primary
B.    HA propagation
C.    Stay secondary
D.    HA synchronization

Answer: C

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