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When comparing PBX architectures to Cisco Unified Communications, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:

A. A PBX will offer increased security.
B. Cisco Unified Communications will always offer more enhanced telephony features.
C. A PBX architecture will offer applications like presence and seamless video.
D. Cisco Unified Communications will increase productivity.
E. Cisco Unified Communications has historically provided customers with a migration path for upgrades and growth.

Answer: DE

Where will an account manager find historical and current information about competitors around Cisco Collaboration? Select exactly 1 answer(s) form the following:

A. Quick Start Guide for Cisco Collaboration
B. Cisco Competitive Edge Portal
C. Cisco Qoute Builder tool
D. The Cisco Quote Builder tool
E. Steps to Success

Answer: B

Which two of the following are typical questions that you might receive from a customer CFO about your unified communications solution? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:

A. How does it elevate the role and value of IT in the business?
B. Does it help drive business growth and profitability? Is it a strategic investment?
C. What does it do for employees?
D. Does it use existing investments to add business value?
E. How does it improve customer service?

Answer: BD

Where do the business drivers of the customer derive from? Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following;

A. Corporate strategy
B. Enabling technologies
C. Personal visions and goals
D. Changing demand in the marketplace

Answer: A

What are two benefits of the Cisco Unified IP Phones 9900 Series? (Choose two.) Select exactly 2 answer(s) from the following:

A. All phones support up to three expansion modules.
B. They deliver high-definition voice.
C. The phones reduce communications delays with rich presence and contact information.
D. There is an option for an integrated video camera.
E. The Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 is a softphone.

Answer: BD

Which two of the following are the main differentiators of Cisco Collaboration against the competition? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco collaboration is designed to support interoperability with the solutions of other vendors.
B. Based on a strong IP network, Cisco offers fully integrated collaboration architecture.
C. Cisco is open to integration or being integrated in any other collaboration solution seamlessly.
D. Cisco solutions allow customers the highest operational agility, more than competitive solutions.
E. Cisco growth is organic and not based on large mergers with other leading vendors.

Answer: AB