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Which dimension can be created only at the enterprise level in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

A.    size
B.    warehouse
C.    batch number
D.    site

Answer: A

The formula for a finished good named FG-01 uses a raw material named RM-01. You currently have a supply of RM-01 in stock. The vendor informs you that only limited supplies of RM-01 will be available in the future. After you run out of the current supply of RM-01, you will substitute a raw material named RM-02 in the FG-01 formula. Which of the following options must you configure on a formula line to allow raw material substitutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012?

A.    Percent and Priority
B.    Plan group and Priority
C.    Scalable and Percent controlled
D.    Step consumption

Answer: C

You receive unplanned co-products and by-products on a batch order in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. The Total cost allocation option is not selected for the batch order. Which of the following must occur for the batch order to be ended?

A.    Unplanned co-product cost allocation must be entered.
B.    Formula item cost allocation must be changed.
C.    Total co-product and by-product receipt quantity must match the estimated quantity.
D.    Planning item cost allocation must be changed.

Answer: D

Which of the following statements about the batch order life cycle is true?

A.    production costs are posted when a formula item is reported as finished.
B.    Purchase orders for batch order formula line items defined with vendors are created when a batch order is started.
C.    Capacity reservations are made after a batch order is released.
D.    Materials can be reserved automatically during batch order estimation.

Answer: B

You need to explode and consume the ingredients of a formula item in a batch process. In the Formula line form, which line type should you use for the formula item?

A.    vendor
B.    item
C.    phantom
D.    pegged supply

Answer: A


A standard cost variance has affected the general ledger accounts assigned to the lot size variance type of a specific batch order. What is the cause of a lot size variance?

A.    different batch quantity or constant costs
B.    different costs reported
C.    changes to production bill of materials (BOM) or route
D.    different quantity consumed

Answer: C

To which of the following logistic processes can a formula version be assigned? (Each correct answer is a complete solution. Choose two).

A.    master planning
B.    route consumption
C.    manufacturing
D.    transfer orders

Answer: BC

A sales order exists in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for an item with the co-product production type. The item is not in stock. You plan to perform master planning to create a planned batch order to produce the co-product. Which of the following must you do before performing the master planning?

A.    Create a planning item for the co-product.
B.    Set the default order type to Production.
C.    Create a planned order for the co-product.
D.    Create a formula for the co-product.

Answer: C

You are configuring shelf life for items in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. With which of the following item properties should you associate the shelf life?

A.    production type
B.    serial number dimension
C.    coverage by dimension
D.    batch tracking dimension

Answer: D

Which of the following statements about batch attributes in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is true? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.    Batch attributes must be customer-specific.
B.    Batch attributes can be product-specific and vendor-specific.
C.    Batch attributes must be vendor-specific.
D.    Batch attributes must be product-specific.
E.    Batch attributes can be customer-specific and product-specific.

Answer: AE

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