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When would a license server be configured for vCenter Server 5.x?

A.    When managing ESX 3.x servers
B.    When the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) is used
C.    Within the first 60 days
D.    A standalone license server is installed by default

Answer: A

What two Advanced IP Allocation Schemes are available? (Choose two.)

A.    Fixed
B.    DHCP
C.    OVF Environment
D.    Transient

Answer: BC

What are two valid Resource settings that can be set at the vApp level? (Chose two.)

A.    Network
B.    CPU
C.    Memory
D.    Disk

Answer: BC
CPU and Memory can be set at the vApp level.

An administrator is investigating a report of slow disk performance. Where is the most efficient place for the administrator to check?

A.    The performance tab of the vApp.
B.    The performance tab of the virtual machine.
C.    The performance tab of the vApp resource pool.
D.    The performance tab of the cluster.

Answer: B
Explanation: (page 3)

An administrator creates a new Role of “Virtual Machine Creator” for members of the helpdesk and server teams. Privileges include.
Datastore – Allocate space
Network – Assign network
Resource – Assign virtual machine to resource pool
Virtual machine > Configuration – all
Virtual machine > Interaction – all
The new role is granted to the teams at the appropriate VMs and Templates folder, Cluster and Datastore objects. After applying the role, users report they are unable to create new Virtual Machines. What should be changed to allow new virtual machines to be created?

A.    Add a privilege to the role Virtual machine > Inventory – Create new
B.    Grant the teams the role at the Datacenter level
C.    Ensure Propagate to Child Objects is selected on the objects.
D.    Grant the teams the role on the Production network object.

Answer: A

A mid-size company with a vSphere 5 cluster wants to enable their helpdesk staff to be able to acknowledge alarms on the hosts. Currently the group “HelpDesk” has the Read-only role assigned to the Cluster object. Which action should the administrator perform?

A.    Enable Propagate to Child Objects on the current permission.
B.    Move the current permission to the Datacenter object.
C.    Add the Alarms – Acknowledge Alarm privilege to the current role and enable “Propagate to “Child Objects”
D.    Clone the role, add the Alarms – Acknowledge Alarm privilege, replace the current role.

Answer: D

You have just had a new storage array installed and you are looking for a quick way to move your virtual machines to LUN’s presented by your new storage. What is the best way to do this?

A.    Use Storage vMotion to migrate the virtual machine storage to the new datastores
B.    Create a datastore cluster from the existing datastores and the new datastores and let sDRS move the virtual machine storage to the new datastores.
C.    Enable VAAI and the migration from the old storage to the new will happen automatically as VAAI will always use the newest storage LUN’s
D.    Use the Rebalance function to move migrate the virtual machine storage to the new datastores automatically

Answer: A

A virtual machine is using Fiber Channel attached RDM LUN. Which three applications used with the virtual machine would require the RDM to be in physical compatibility mode? (Choose three)

A.    SCSI target ­based software
B.    VMware snapshots
C.    Physical server-to-virtual machine clustering
D.    Distributed file locking
E.    SAN management agent

Answer: ACE

vCenter Server is running in a virtual machine that is part of a vSphere HA and SDRS cluster. The vCenter Server virual machine has been tested an can successfully migrate with vMoaon between all ESXi hosts m the cluster DRS is configured for partial automation. What happens if an ESXi host that is running the vCenter Server virtual machine experiences a power outage?

A.    All DRS cluster operations will be unavailable until the failed ESXi host is brought back online.
B.    vCenter Server will remain offline, but all virtual machines on the remaining hosts will continue without interruption.
C.    This situation cannot occur, because vCenter Server cannot be installed on a virtual machine in a vSphere HA cluster.
D.    vSphere HA will restart the vCenter Server virtual machine on another host

Answer: D

A company wants to increase disk capacity for their vSphere environment Management mandates that:
1. vMotion must work in this environment
2. The existing LAN infrastructure must be used
3. The storage must support raw device mapping.
Which storage option best meets the company objectives?

A.    iSCSI
B.    Fibre Channel
C.    SATA
D.    NFS

Answer: A

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An administrator revokes user permissions on an object in vCenter Server. At the time the permissions are revoked, the user is actively logged in to vCenter Server through the vSphere Cleint. What is true regarding this scenario?

A.    The user immediately loses permissions on the object
B.    The user retains permissions on the object for up to 24 hours
C.    The user retains permissions on the object for up to 24 hours or unul the next time the user logs in to vCrnter Server
D.    The user retains permissions on the object unul the next time the user logs m to vCenter Server

Answer: A

An administrator decides ti implement a Fixed multipathing policy for an ESXi host with four available paths and four configured VMFS datastores. After the policy has been enabled for each datastore, how many paths by default will the host use to send data to the four datastores?

A.    4
B.    3
C.    1
D.    2

Answer: A

A vSphere 5 implementation contains two ESXi hosts, ESXi01 and ESXi02. A virtual machine, VM21a on ESXi01 is connected to a vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) in a port group called Production. The vSS is connected to an uplink on the network. ESXi02 is configured with a vSS connected to an uplink on the network. A port group called Engineering exists on this switch. Which two statements are true about this configuration? (Choose two.)

A.    Broadcasts from the Production port group can be received on the Engineering port group.
B.    Broadcasts from the Production port group can not be received on the Engineering port group.
C.    The virtual machine can be vMotion migrated to the target host.
D.    The virtual machine can not be vMotion migrated to the target host.

Answer: BD

You have a Windows 2003 Server virtual machine (VM) that is experiencing performance problems. Task Manager displays the following information:
CPU Usage: 85%
Memory Available: 3 GB
Network Utilization: 25%
vCenter Server displays this additional information:
ESXi host CPU Utilization: 60%
VMkernel Swap Activity: None
Average Network Usage: 900 Mbps
What is the most likely cause for the performance problems?

A.    The VM is CPU constrained.
B.    The ESXi host is CPU constrained.
C.    The ESXi host NIC is being over utilized.
D.    The ESXi host needs more memory installed.

Answer: C

An administrator would like to set up Host Profiles in a vSphere architecture. Using the vSphere Client, the administrator connects to vCenter Server and navigates to Management, then begins to build a new Host Profile but is unable to save the profile. Why is the administrator unable to save the completed profile?

A.    The administrator does not have the proper vSphere edition so this feature is not licensed
B.    The Host Profiles service is stopped and must be restarted to access this option
C.    No ESXi hosts have been added to vCenter Server, and this option will not be available until at least one host is managed
D.    No DRS/HA Cluster has been defined, and Host Profiles must be applied to a cluster.

Answer: A

An administrator must perform maintenance on a fibre channel switch connected to vmhba2 on an ESXi host. The ESXi host has been configured with the Fixed policy, and the preferred path will be impacted by the maintenance event. Which procedure is the least disruptive option that can be taken to prepare for the maintenance event?

A.    Change the policy on the ESXi host to MRU for the duration of the maintenance event
B.    Use the vSphere Client to disable the path impacted by the maintenance event
C.    Unplug the FC cable from vmhba2 for the duration of the maintenance event
D.    Unplug the FC cable from the Storage Processor port on the FC array for the duration of the maintenance event

Answer: B

Which configuration requires an additional database server when adding vSphere Update Manager 5.x to an environment?

A.    vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) with an external Oracle database
B.    vCenter Application with the default database
C.    vCenter Application with an external SQL 2008 Enterprise database
D.    vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) with an external DB2 database

Answer: D
vCenter Server Virtual Appliance with external DB2 database is required when adding vSphere update manager to the environment.

Select three of the steps for configuring iSCSI Software Initiator multipathing when load balancing with a single vSphere standard switch. (Choose three.)

A.    Change the Path Selection Policy to Round Robin (VMware)
B.    Enable Override switch failover order
C.    Enable Route based on IP Hash
D.    Enable iSCSI port binding on the VMkernel object or objects
E.    Add VMkernel adapters to the iSCSI Network Configuration

Answer: ABE

An administrator wants to adjust disk resource allocation to ensure proper storage performance. Which two mechanisms are available? (Choose two.)

A.    Shares
B.    Guarantee IOPs
C.    Limit IOPs
D.    Reservation

Answer: AC

Assuming that ballooning is possible, under which three circumstances might the VMkernel use a swap file for a running virtual machine? (Choose three.)

A.    The Mem.CtlMaxPercent value is between 10 and 25 percent.
B.    Memory cannot be reclaimed quickly enough.
C.    The virtual machine is starting up.
D.    VMware Tools is not installed.
E.    50% of the configured memory has already been ballooned.

Answer: ABE
C: Wrong: When the machine is starting up the Ballooning driver hasn’t loaded yet.
D: Wrong: When VMware tools is not installed Ballooning isn’t possible.

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