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Scenario: An administrator has set up a NetScaler in HA mode and now wants to bind the SSL certificate to one of the SSL virtual servers. However, the administrator notices that thecommand failed on the secondary node while succeeding on the primary node. Both nodes in HA are healthy, with successful configuration synchronization and command propagation. Which reason explains the command failure on the secondary node?

A.    Command syntax is not correct.
B.    Command not executed with root ID.
C.    SSL command not available on secondary node.
D.    SSL certificate is not present on secondary node.

Answer: D

Scenario: A customer logged in as a user with superuser access rights and is making configuration changes on a NetScaler HA pair. After a few minutes, the customer notices that the changes are NOT visible on the GUI or CU. What is the customer doing incorrectly?

A.    The customer is not using the nsroot account.
B.    The customer has enabled fail safe on both nodes.
C.    The customer is making changes on the primary node.
D.    The customer is making changes on the secondary node

Answer: D

Scenario: An ISP provides SaaS to enterprise customers as part of a cloud offering. A NetScater is configured to support multi-tenant deployments.Traffic isolation for each enterprise (tenant) is achieved using VLAN segmentation for each enterprise customer. As an example, Incoming client requests from enterprise customers are assigned to separate VLANs, which feature can an administrator configure to specify that the VIP for customer1 will only listen to requests coming from VLAN1 and the VIP from customer2 will only listen for requests from VLAN2?

A.    State Routes
B.    Policy-based routing
C.    MAC-basedForwarding
D.    Network-aware policies

Answer: B

An administrator set up a NetScaler pair in HA but later noticed that the configuration changes made on the primary node were NOT synchronized with the secondary node.
Which configuration setting must be corrected for successful configuration synchronization between both nodes m HA mode?

A.    HA monitoring on interfaces is setto off.
B.    HA monitoring on the node IDs is set to off.
C.    nsroot password is not identical for both nodes.
D.    RPC node password is not identical for both nodes.

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure a NetScaler device so that a set of back-end servers in a LAN can initiate connections to the internet ACLs areconfigured in this environment.What must the administrator configure to meet the needs of this scenario?

A.    NAT on the server in the LAN
B.    RNAT for the destination IP address.
C.    NAT on the router to the NetScaler device
D.    RNAT for the subnet that includes the LAN IP address
E.    RNAT on the virtual servers bound in the server in the LAN

Answer: D

What must an administrator configure when adding a new SNMP manager to a NetScaler Configuration Utility?

A.    Source port
B.    SNMP community string
C.    Source interface Number
D.    SNMP manager IP address
E.    SNMP Trap Type (Basic and Advanced)

Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator is planning a software upgrade of a NetScaler HA pair from NetScaler version 8.1 Standard Edition to version 9.2 Enterprise Edition inorder to take advantage of the new features In the current environment, the NSIP for the pair is an IPv4 address. When two steps must the administrator take to complete the NetScaler migration in thisscenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Obtain a new NetScaler license
B.    Enable the IPv6 protocol translation
C.    Add the NSP address after the HA pair has been upgraded
D.    Ensure propagation and synchronization are disabled during migration

Answer: AD

An administrator needs to configure a NetScaler system in a manner that will increase the capacity and availability of a signal communication channel between the NetScaler and another connected device. What should the administrator configure on the NetScaler system to achieve the requirement?

A.    NIC Teaming
B.    Link Bonding
C.    Link Aggregation
D.    Interface Trunk mode

Answer: C

When planning a deployment, in which setup scenario must an administrator configure the NetScaler system as the default router for the servers in the environment?

A.    When USNF is configured
B.    In a single subnet configuration
C.    in a two-arm mode configuration
D.    USF is configured for services

Answer: B

Anadministrator must first enable the________ feature beforea URL transformation policy can be used in a network environment. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence)

A.    rewrite
B.    responder
C.    content filtering
D.    URL transformation

Answer: A

Passleader Offer Low Price 1Y0-A21 Sample Questions 100% Guarantee Pass Exam