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You are about to restore the HiRDB database on a Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) Windows server. But first, you must stop the HCS services. How is this accomplished?

A.    Use the Windows service panel from Computer Manager.
B.    Use the HCS GUI.
C.    Use the hcmdssrv command.
D.    Use the hcmdsservices command.

Answer: C

You are using Hitachi Storage Navigator to create a LUN on a VSP storage system. After completing the operation you observe that the LUNs you created are not listed. Which action would enable Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) to see these LUNs?

A.    Log back into Storage Navigator and re-create the LUNs.
B.    Perform a host refresh using the ResetHost command.
C.    Execute the HDvM CLI command SetLunRecovery.
D.    Refresh the storage system.

Answer: D

A manufacturing company wants to centrally manage all their multi-pathing software using Hitachi Global Link Manager (HGLM). Which two types of multi-pathing software are supported? (Choose two.)

A.    HDLM
B.    HP-UX Multipathing
C.    PowerPath
D.    SDD

Answer: AB

A Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning pool has exceeded a threshold and the administrator wants to reduce the pool usage below the threshold setting. How would this be achieved?

A.    Expand pool volumes.
B.    Set Host Mode option 40.
C.    Use Zero Page Reclaim.
D.    Shrink some DP Vols.

Answer: C

You are managing a Hitachi Device Manager environment and want to use the Element Manager to configure the Fibre Channel ports on a Hitachi VSP storage system. Which two Fibre Channel port operations are permitted? (Choose two.)

A.    Set the port security.
B.    Set the port online.
C.    Set the port SFP wavelength.
D.    Set the port speed.

Answer: AD

When enabled, what does the path health checking feature of Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) do?

A.    It causes HDLM to rotate I/Os across all healthy paths.
B.    It causes HDLM to automatically check the path status at regular intervals.
C.    It enables the last I/O recovery routine to execute upon path failure.
D.    It logs path status information and generate path health reports.

Answer: B

On a server with intensive sequential I/O profile, you have set Extended Round Robin within Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager. Which two benefits result from implementing this algorithm? (Choose two.)

A.    tracks preloaded to cache
B.    blocks held permanent in Read Cache
C.    no tracks preloading on the system
D.    efficient cache usage on the storage system

Answer: AD

You are creating Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) volumes within Hitachi Device Manager. Which three elements of HDP can be configured? (Choose three.)

A.    DP Group Volume
B.    DP Pool
C.    DP Group
D.    DP Pool Volume
E.    DP-VOL

Answer: BDE

You want to use the Hitachi Command Suite dashboard to show only certain information. Which two reports would be displayed? (Choose two.)

A.    storage system alerts
B.    completed tasks
C.    datacenter utilization
D.    pool utilization

Answer: AC

What information is provided by the Hitachi Device Manager Agent to the Hitachi Device Manager server? (Choose three.)

A.    WWN
B.    IP address
C.    domain name
D.    host name
E.    MAC address

Answer: ABD


Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager is being used with a VSP system in a multi-path environment with intense sequential I/Os. What are two Hitachi recommended load- balancing algorithms for this environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Least I/O
B.    Least Block
C.    Extended Least I/O
D.    Extended Round Robin

Answer: CD

Hitachi Device Manager manages file servers based on information sent from which two products? (Choose two.)

A.    Netapp file servers
B.    Hitachi High performance NAS platform
C.    Hitachi NAS blades
D.    Hitachi Data Ingestor

Answer: BD

You are installing Hitachi Device Manager and need to verify the existence of the peer user profile. Which user name should you verify?

A.    hauser
B.    system
C.    manager
D.    administrator

Answer: A

You have a LUSE volume on a USP V storage system which is no longer used by any server. Using Hitachi Device Manager, what must be done to release the LUSE volume?

A.    The LUSE volume must be marked as “unused”.
B.    The LUSE volume must be marked as “invalidated”.
C.    You must format the LUSE volume first to delete all the data on it.
D.    You must release all defined data paths for this LUSE volume.

Answer: D

Using Hitachi Device Manager, and after launching the Element Manager, you want to specify a logical device (LDEV) as a Command Device on a VSP storage system. Which two conditions must the LDEV satisfy? (Choose two.)

A.    The LDEV must be at least 128 MB in size.
B.    The logical device must not be reserved for ShadowImage in-system replication.
C.    The emulation type must be OPEN-V.
D.    The logical device must not be on a RAID1 parity group.

Answer: BC

You want to use the Hitachi Device Manager (HDvM) search facility to locate resources based on user-defined criteria. Which two actions would be performed as a result of a search? (Choose two.)

A.    Search results can be e-mailed by HDvM.
B.    Search results can be exported as CSV files.
C.    Searches can be saved.
D.    Search results can be exported as HTML files.

Answer: BC

What are two benefits of the Hitachi Command Suite? (Choose two.)

A.    integration with Hitachi Compute Platform management software
B.    integration with Cisco directors management software
C.    integration with third-party storage management software as defined in HiFire
D.    integration with Hitachi NAS Platforms management software

Answer: AD

In which Hitachi Device Manager screen is the Allocate Like Volumes feature available?

A.    Hosts
B.    Allocate Storage
C.    Dynamic Provisioning
D.    Allocate Volumes to Multiple Hosts

Answer: A

You want to restart the Hitachi Command Suite (HCS) services running on a Windows server. Which tool would you use?

A.    Windows Services panel
C.    CLI command “hcmdssrv”
D.    Windows Task Manager

Answer: C

You have reported a Hitachi Device Manager problem to the HDS Global Support center and you are asked to provide troubleshooting data. Which Web site would allow you to upload the data?

A.    https://tuf.hds.com
B.    http://www.hds.com
C.    https://support.hds.com
D.    https://customerservice.hds.com

Answer: A