[OFFER] Ubuntu Linux System Administration

Ubuntu System Administration provides system administrators, and others wanting to manage systems professionally, an introduction to Ubuntu system administration. Topics include server install, user management, and server patching.

List Price: $ 6.99

Price: $ 6.99

The definitive guide to the basics of one of the most popular operating systems in the worldWhether you’re a first-time Linux user or you’re migrating from another operating system, this book is an ideal introductory guide for getting comfortable with the building-block nature of Linux. Written by bestselling author Christopher Negus, this guide is packed with in-depth descriptions on the basics of Linux desktops, servers, and programming tools and gets you up to speed on all the new and excitin

List Price: $ 59.99

Price: $ 19.99

[OFFER] Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux, A (3rd Edition)

The Most Complete, Easy-to-Follow Guide to Ubuntu Linux  The #1 Ubuntu server resource, fully updated for Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx)–the Long Term Support (LTS) release many companies will rely on for years! Updated JumpStarts help you set up Samba, Apache, Mail, FTP, NIS, OpenSSH, DNS, and other complex servers in minutes Hundreds of up-to-date examples, plus comprehensive indexes that deliver instant access to answers you can trust  Mark Sobell’s A Practical Guide to Ubuntu L

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 25.50

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[OFFER] Beginning Ubuntu Linux

According to DistroWatch (http://www.distrowatch.org), the industry standard for determining Linux distribution penetration and popularity, Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntulinux.org) is presently the #1 most popular distribution out of the 100 monitored variations, beating out heavyweights such as Fedora and CentOS. Indeed, a huge user base has assembled around this community-driven distribution since its inception. Beginning Ubuntu Linux: Fourth Edition is the update to the best-selling third edition

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 9.99

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[OFFER] Working at the Ubuntu Command-Line Prompt (Linux Nitty Gritty)

Keir Thomas is the world’s most popular author writing about Ubuntu. His books have been read by over 1,000,000 people and are #1 best-sellers. His book Beginning Ubuntu Linux recently entered its sixth edition, and picked-up a Linux Journal award along the way. Thomas is also the author of Ubuntu Kung Fu.

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Get to grips with the Ubuntu command-line with this #1 best-selling and concise guide.

“Best buck I’ve spent yet” — Amaz

List Price: $ 0.99

Price: $ 0.99

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