[OFFER] CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Third Edition (All-In-One Certification) Reviews

The Third Edition of this proven All-in-One exam guide provides total coverage of the CISSP certification exam, which has again been voted one of the Top 10 IT certifications in 2005 by CertCities. Revised and updated using feedback from Instructors and students, learn security operations in the areas of telecommunications, cryptography, management practices, and more. Plan for continuity and disaster recovery. Update your knowledge of laws, investigations, and ethics. Plus, run the CD-ROM and p

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[OFFER] Understanding the Linux Kernel, Third Edition

In order to thoroughly understand what makes Linux tick and why it works so well on a wide variety of systems, you need to delve deep into the heart of the kernel. The kernel handles all interactions between the CPU and the external world, and determines which programs will share processor time, in what order. It manages limited memory so well that hundreds of processes can share the system efficiently, and expertly organizes data transfers so that the CPU isn’t kept waiting any longer than nece

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[OFFER] Montes de Oca (Episodios Nacionales: Tercera Serie/ National Episodes: Third Series) (Spanish Edition)

Benito María de los Dolores Pérez Galdós (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 10 de mayo de 1843 – Madrid, 4 de enero de 1920), conocido como Benito Pérez Galdós, fue un novelista, dramaturgo y cronista español. Se trata del mayor representante de la novela realista del siglo XIX en España, y uno de los más importantes escritores en lengua española.

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[OFFER] Network+ In 21Days Study Guide, Third Edition (For N10-004 & N10-005) Reviews

The scope of this book is to complete a solid foundation for network administration when accompaned with the Network+ In 21 Days Reference Manual. It includes all of the information that is needed  to pass the CompTIA N10-004 and N10-005 exams, including over 150 exam questions and answers.

Since the current status of employment is not so positive, everyone is figuring out the way to be outstanding, especially new graduates. And now you can strengthen your ability and stand out from


Serving as a concise, focused study aid to help you prepare for the leading non-vendor-specific networking certification exam, this book features more review questions and study review features than any other guide, with over 120 review questions, two bonus exams, and electronic Flashcard, as well as a searchable Glossary of Terms database on CD-ROM. Fully updated for the first revision of the CompTIA Network+ exam since 2005, the book is organized by exam objectives and broken into six parts co

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