[OFFER] Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

A top-selling guide to Exchange Server-now fully updated for Exchange Server 2010.Keep your Microsoft messaging system up to date and protected with the very newest version, Exchange Server 2010, and this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re upgrading from Exchange Server 2007 SP1 or earlier, installing for the first time, or migrating from another system, this step-by-step guide provides the hands-on instruction, practical application, and real-world advice you need.Explains Microsoft Exchange S

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Price: $ 14.99

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[OFFER] Mastering Oracle SQL, 2nd Edition

  • ISBN13: 9780596006327
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

The vast majority of Oracle SQL books discuss some syntax, provide the barest rudiments of using Oracle SQL, and perhaps include a few simple examples. It might be enough to pass a survey course, or give you some buzz words to drop in conversation with real Oracle DBAs. But if you use Oracle SQL on a regular basis, you want much more. You want to access the full power of SQL to write queries in an Oracle environment. You want a solid understanding of what’s possible with Oracle SQL, creative tec

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[OFFER] Mastering Windows Server 2003

The Only Windows Server Resource You Need

The single most comprehensive and understandable book on the subject, Mastering Windows Server 2003 continues author Mark Minasi’s award-winning tradition of clear and comprehensive coverage of Microsoft’s Windows Server products. This book shows you how to plan, configure and install your network, keep it running its best, and fix it if it breaks. And you still get all the coverage you need for the Windows 2000 Server installations that remain pa

List Price: $ 59.99

Price: $ 10.07

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[OFFER] Mastering Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008

A complete, winning approach to the number one small business solutionDo you have 75 or fewer users or devices on your small-business network? Find out how to integrate everything you need for your mini-enterprise with Microsoft’s new Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server, a custom collection of server and management technologies designed to help small operations run smoothly without a giant IT department. This comprehensive guide shows you how to master all SBS components as well as handle

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 5.58

Windows NT/2000 Native API Reference is absolutely unique. Currently, documentation on WIndows NT’s native APIs can only be found through access to the source code or occasionally Web sites where people have chosen to share bits of insight gained through reverse engineering. This book provides the first complete reference to the API functions native to Windows NT and covers the set of services that are offered by Windows NT to both kernel- and user-mode programs. Ideal for the intermediate and a

List Price: $ 50.00

Price: $ 37.49

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