[OFFER] The Voyage of the ELAD: The Red Road

The Voyage of the ELAD is about a young guardian angel that gets too close to one unsuspecting human. While trying to correct that mistake the angel makes a far bigger mistake which could have disastrous results. The angel and the human join together on a journey to help each other and the forces of heaven and earth come together to fulfill an old Native American legend. Together they must try and turn the tragic events of the past into a triumphant journey that gives birth to a new and b

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After communist North Vietnam’s victory over U.S.-backed South Vietnam in 1975, the United States and Vietnam had minimal relations until the mid-1990s. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1995, overlapping security and economic interests have led the two sides to begin to form a strategic partnership of sorts. In 2010, the Obama Administration indicated its intent to take relations to “the next level,” and cooperated with Vietnam to coordinate a multi- country diplomatic pu

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Price: $ 0.99

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