[OFFER] Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration (Expert’s Voice in Oracle)

This book is the most comprehensive Oracle DBA handbook that’s in the market today. With a solid pedigree going back to Oracle Database 9i, this book provides everything an aspiring DBA needs to make the transition from novice to respected professional. It’s the only such one-stop book on the market, and it’s written by an author with increasing visibility and respect in the field.

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Pro Oracle SQL unlocks the power of SQL in the Oracle Database—one of the most potent SQL implementations on the market today. To master it requires a three-pronged approach: learn the language features, learn the supporting features that Oracle provides to help use the language effectively, and learn to think and work in sets.

Karen Morton and her team help you master powerful aspects of Oracle SQL not found in competing databases. You’ll learn analytic functions, the MODEL cla

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