[OFFER] Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Essentials

Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Essentials
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Genre: eLearning

Description: This introductory training is tailored specifically to the needs of a beginner or intermediate user of Adobe Flash CS4. During the course you will learn how to create, animate and efficiently mange your rich media content via the brand new CS4 interface. You will understand how to correctly implement features like the new motion tween, motion presets, ActionScript3 event handling and how to professionally set up your site.

Specific lessons include working with video and video controllers, building and modifying a Motion Tween, motion presets, production animation techniques and how to set up and use the new Frame Spans.

By the time you have completed Total Training for Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: Essentials you will have the confidence, experience and tools to effectively utilize flash when constructing your own rich media websites, create eye-catching flash banner advertisements, incorporate sound and video and publish your site.

1. Touring the Flash Interface
2. New Document Settings & Navigation
3. Drawing & Selecting Simple Vector Shapes
4. Drawing Curves with the Pen & Pencil Tools
5. Exploring Other Drawing Tools
6. Interaction between Shapes
7. Grouping Objects
8. Working in Object Drawing Mode
1. Working with Layers
2. Using Bitmaps
3. Adding Text
4. Use the Regular & Primitive Shape Tools to Build a Graphic
5. Creating & Adjusting a Symbol
6. Transforming Objects with the Free Transform Tool
7. Exploring Color Types & Gradients
Chapter 3: THE TIMELINE (20 min)
1. Timeline Basics
2. Create a Span of Frames & Control the Playhead
3. Creating Keyframes
4. Insert Blank Keyframes & Clear Keyframes
5. Frame-by-Frame Animation & Onion Skin
Chapter 4: MOTION PRESETS (35 min)
1. Getting Started with Motion Presets
2. Modifying a Motion Tween
3. Stretching Tween Spans
4. Save Custom Presets & Create Layer Folders
5. Moving Tween Spans
6. Setting Static Frames
7. Building a Test Movie
Chapter 5: CREATING A MOTION TWEEN (38 min)
1. Adding a Motion Tween
2. Setting Property Keyframes for Scale & Rotation
3. Creating a Motion Tween from a Shape
4. Easing Keyframes
5. Creating a Fade-in by Adjusting the Alpha
6. Making a Motion Preset
Chapter 6: ANIMATION TECHNIQUES (55 min)
1. Importing Slideshow Content
2. Working in a Movie Clip Timeline
3. Animating the First Image in the Slideshow
4. Non-linear Animation
5. Swapping Objects
6. Using the Distribute to Layers Command
7. Adjust Timeline View Options & Animation Timing
Chapter 7: ACTIONSCRIPT & BEHAVIORS (62 min)
1. Introducing ActionScript
2. Adding a Stop Action
3. Creating Buttons & Setting Button States
4. Creating Interactive Text Buttons
5. Adding Site Content
6. Setting up for ActionScript 2
7. Adding Behaviors with ActionScript 2
8. Writing ActionScript 3
Chapter 8: USING SOUND & VIDEO (43 min)
1. Adding a Sound File to the Timeline
2. Adding Sound to a Button
3. Encoding Video for Import into Flash
4. Set Import Options & Choose a Player Skin
5. The FLVPlayback Component & Component Inspector
6. Flash Video for ActionScript 2 & Older Players
Chapter 9: PUBLISHING YOUR SITE (40 min)
1. Overview of Flash Publish Settings
2. Compression in Bitmaps & Sounds
3. Other Flash Publish Settings
4. HTML Settings
5. Publishing Your Flash Movie
6. Dreamweaver(R) Integration
7. Uploading Your Site to a Server via FTP
8. Credits