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A client has purchased a Flex System with a Flex System Manager (FSM) and a p260 node. Which of the following is the most cost-effective procedure to install the VIO server?

A. Engage Lab Services to complete the installation
B. Use the external USB DVD RAM that IBM delivers with a Flex System
C. Copy the VIO ISO images onto the FSM and use the installios command
D. Launch the Remote Control from the FSM and remote mount the VIO ISO images from your workstation

Answer: C

A client has a PureFlex system and needs to upgrade their Flex System V7000 Storage Node. Which interface would be used to accomplish this?

B. BIOS upgrade
C. Chassis Manager
D. Flex Node Interface GUI

Answer: A

The client seeks to reduce cost and complexity in a highly virtualized x86 environment. They want the network policies to migrate automatically along with mobile virtual machines to ensure that security, performance and access remains intact as virtual machines move from server to server. VMware is their virtualization standard. Which option will provide a complete solution?

A. Switches capable to support 802.1 QBG
B. IBM Nexus 1000V on IBM VMready Switches
C. IBM Switch-resident IBM VMready capability
D. IBM Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Virtual

Answer: D

A client has a need for a Linux based solution that requires a large amount of memory. The application runs on either x86 or Power nodes. Which of the following nodes would provide the maximum memory configuration?

A. p460
B. x440
C. p24L
D. x240

Answer: B

A client has a number of Power servers that are virtualized and boot from FC SAN with dual VIO servers. The client is considering consolidation of server and network hardware (LAN and SAN) while maximizing the return on investment by leveraging existing shared FC storage. Which option meets the client requirements?

A. Utilize FCoE to boot the VIO servers
B. Utilize iSCSI to boot the VIO servers
C. Continue to use FC SAN for the VIO servers
D. Use a pair of internal drives to provide for the VIO servers

Answer: A

The IBM Flex System Interoperability Guide is a handy reference document but its information is only as accurate as of its most recent publication date. Where would the technical expert find the latest complete information on supported FCoE configurations?

A. The FC-BB-5 standards documentation
B. IBM Flex System product development
C. Reference IBM’s ServerProven web page
D. IBM System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC)

Answer: D