Encouraging Your Professional Growth Through 9A0-901 Adobe Quiz

The 9A0-901 exam is an additional online quiz. Candidates can use this quiz to train themselves and be familiar with the pattern of Adobe assessments. It is highly recommended that candidates should have some practical experience prior to giving the quiz. They should have a minimum of two years of experience in giving, deploying, managing, monitoring, upgrading, migrating.

Can a Flash Lite application play MP3 audio embedded into a SWF file Movie Clip?

A. No, Flash Lite supports only MIDI audio format.
B. No, Flash Lite supports only MP4 audio format.
C. Yes, Flash Lite supports any type of audio format.
D. Yes, but only if the mobile phone supports MP3 audio format.

Answer: D

When deploying a game for use on Symbian phones with the Flash Lite 1.1 player pre-installed, what freely available tool can be used to create an installer (.sis file)?

A. unsis.exe
B. makesis.exe
C. sismaker.exe
D. mromizE. Exe

Answer: B

What file type is used to install games and applications to Symbian handsets?


Answer: C

Can desktop Flash UI components be used in a Flash Lite application?

A. Yes, but only AS 1.0 components.
B. No, desktop Flash UI components cannot be used.
C. Yes, any desktop Flash UI components can be used.
D. Yes, but only the Button, Combo Box, Checkbox and Radio Button UI components.

Answer: B

Given the stage displayed. What is the most likely use of the selected blue box off stage if it is a button symbol?

A. store and access configuration variables
B. key catcher handler for catching device keys
C. store and access persistent data within the application
D. used when a duplicate Movie Clip is used later on in the timeline
E. target and store variables issued by a load Variables command

Answer: B

After creating a custom button named “my button” on the Stage, a yellow outline around the button appears when it is selected. How can this be disabled?

A. _focusrect = false;
B. _focus = false;
C. focusrect = false;
D. mybutton._focusrect = false;
E. mybutton.focusrect = false;
F. fscommand( “setFocusRect”, “false” );
G. fscommand2( “setFocusRect”, “false” );

Answer: A

When a button receives focus, how is the outline surrounding the button defined?

A. bounding box of the button’s visible key frames
B. exact shape of the contents in the “hit” key frame
C. exact shape of the contents in the “up” key frame
D. bounding box of the contents in the “hit” key frame

Answer: D

A button has key frame content for its “up”, “over”, and “hit” key frames. The “down” state has no key frame. What is displayed when the user activates the button’s “down” state?

A. nothing
B. content of the “up” key frame
C. content of the “hit” key frame
D. content of the “over” key frame

Answer: D

What is the best method for ensuring that elements on a layer are NOT part of the published SWF file?

A. set the layer to be a guide layer
B. move those elements off of the stage area
C. turn the layer to hidden in the layer properties
D. reduce the alpha transparency of those elements to zero

Answer: A

When should a gradient be converted to a raster graphic instead of a vector for performance in Flash Lite?

A. always
B. when the gradient needs to look smoother
C. when there are more than 3 colors in the gradient
D. when the shape with the gradient fill has many points and is not a simple geometric object

Answer: A

What method of code looping offers the best performance for Flash Lite?

A. a ‘for’ loop
B. a ‘while’ loop
C. a ‘for…in’ loop
D. a ‘timeline’ loop

Answer: B

What are possible causes of an animation playing slowly or stuttering on a target device when the animation plays fine on the developer’s PC? (Choose THREE)

A. background is a bitmap
B. use of many timeline layers
C. animation of a complex vector background
D. Tweening the alpha property of a Movie Clip
E. several smaller animations play at the same time

Answer: CDE

Why use bitmap graphics in a Flash Lite application? (Choose TWO)

A. Bitmaps scale without quality loss
B. Bitmap background can speed up animation above it
C. Bitmaps are much smaller in file size than vector graphics
D. Bitmaps display complex graphics without hurting performance

Answer: BD