Brocade Certified SAN Manager Winter 2007 Beta Exam

1: Which three attributes are included as part of the password strength policy on B-Series switches? (Choose three.)
D.blank spaces
E.uppercase letters
Correct Answers: A C E

2: When implementing SAN-attached servers located in a DMZ, which three Brocade best practices would you use to protect the SAN from the Internet? (Choose three.)
A.Implement LUN masking at the HBA.
B.Use a VLAN for the management network.
C.Create a separate zone for the devices in the DMZ.
D.Implement LUN masking at the disk storage controller.
E.Connect the servers in the DMZ to an edge switch of a core-edge fabric.
Correct Answers: B C D

3: What information should you have prior to installing a full version of Fabric Manager Server? (Choose three.)
A.license key
B.domain limit
C.serial number
D.ActiveX version
E.authentication method
Correct Answers: A C E

4: You need to plan to implement Fabric Watch to monitor your port thresholds on your new switch.
What is the first item you need to configure with thresholds?
Correct Answers: B

5: What are three useful applications for documenting the inventory in mixed B-Series or M-Series SANs? (Choose three.)
A.SAN Health
B.Fabric Watch
C.Fabric Assist
D.Fabric Manager
E.EFCM Standard
Correct Answers: A D E

6: You have added a new host to a B-Series switch. It is logged into the fabric correctly but is unable to access storage.
What data should be collected before you escalate the problem to assist in troubleshooting? (Choose two.)
A.supportsave information
C.SAN Health report
D.Fabric Manager supportshow from the Server Management Console
Correct Answers: A B

7: You have been informed that the end-to-end network for your FCIP link now supports jumbo frames.
Which parameter should be changed to take advantage of this new functionality?
B.MTU size
C.Fast Write
Correct Answers: B

8: The EFCM Manager of Manager (MOM) feature enables you to discover data from other target servers in the SAN and manage M-Series switches through the discovered target servers.
Which two are allowed from the EFCM MOM server? (Choose two.)
B.Call Home
C.Show Route
D.Security Center
Correct Answers: A C

9: What are three SAN management features of EFCM Enterprise? (Choose three.)
A.Security Center
B.advanced zoning tools
C.advanced call home support
D.real-time performance monitoring configuration management
Correct Answers: A D E

10: Which two Brocade tools can gather and display real-time performance data for B-Series switches? (Choose two.)
A.Web Tools
B.SAN Health
C.Fabric Watch
D.EFCM Enterprise
Correct Answers: A D