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Which of the following can be used by dual-stack service providers supporting IPv4/IPv6 customers with dual-stack hosts using public IPv6 addresses and private IPv4 addresses?

A.    NAT64
B.    6RD
C.    6to4 tunnels
D.    Carrier-grade NAT

Answer: D

Refer to the Cisco IOS DHCPv6 configuration shown in the exhibit. Which statement is correct?
A.    The configuration is missing a command under interface Gi0/1 to indicate to the attached hosts to use stateful DHCPv6 to obtain their IPv6 addresses
B.    The IPv6 router advertisements indicate to the attached hosts on the Gi0/1 interface to get other information besides their IPv6 address via stateless auto configuration
C.    The IPv6 DHCPv6 server pool configuration is misconfigured
D.    The DNS server address can also be imported from another upstream DHCPv6 server

Answer: A

Which IPv6 mechanism occurs between a provider edge router and the customer premises equipment router to allow an ISP to automate the process of assigning a block of IPv6 addresses to a customer for use within the customer network?

A.    Router Advertisement
B.    DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation
C.    DHCPv6 Lite
D.    Stateful DHCPv6

Answer: B

Which three statements regarding NAT64 operations are correct? (Choose three.)

A.    With stateful NAT64, many IPv6 address can be translated into one IPv4 address, thus IPv4 address conservation is achieved
B.    Stateful NAT64 requires the use of static translation slots so IPv6 hosts and initiate connections to IPv4 hosts.
C.    With stateless NAT64, the source and destination IPv4 addresses are embedded in the IPv6 addresses
D.    NAT64 works in conjunction with DNS64
E.    Both the stateful and stateless NAT64 methods will conserve IPv4 address usage

Answer: ACD

Which type of DNS record is used for IPv6 forward lookups?

A.    A records
B.    AAAA records
C.    PTR records
D.    MX records

Answer: B

What is enabled by default on Cisco IOS-XR routers and cannot be disabled?

A.    SSH server
B.    Multicast routing
C.    IPv4 and IPv6 CEF
D.    IPv6 routing
E.    CDP
F.    BFD

Answer: C

The IPv6 2002::/16 prefix is used in which kind of implementations?

A.    6RD
B.    6to4
C.    NAT64
D.    IPv6 Multicast

Answer: B

When implementing IP SLA icmp-echo probes on Cisco IOS-XE routers, which two options are available for IPv6? (Choose two.)

A.    flow-label
B.    hop-limit
C.    DSCP
D.    traffic-class
E.    TOS

Answer: AD

With IPv6 multicast, which feature can be used as a replacement method for static RP configuration?

A.    PIM Snooping
B.    MLD
C.    MLD Snooping
D.    Embedded RP
E.    DHCPv6

Answer: D

Which additional feature is provided using MLDv2 that is not available in MLDv1?

A.    Multicast Address Specific Queries
B.    Source filtering
C.    Done messages
D.    Report messages

Answer: B

All Free Latest Passleader PDF & VCE 642-885 Exam Questions And Answers