[OFFER] Lab Manual for Network+ Guide to Networks, 5th (Test Preparation)

The Lab Manual for Network+ Guide to Networks, Fifth Edition provides students with the hands-on experience they will need to become successful network administrators. Students will gain experience configuring network protocols and services using today’s most common network operating systems, including Windows Server 2008 and Fedora Linux. Students will learn how to install and configure network protocols such as TCP/IP, add Windows Vista and XP clients to networks, add users, configure network

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[OFFER] Network+ (N10-004) Exam Manual

PrepLogic continues to support it’s tech-savy audience, including their appreciation for new technology like the Amazon Kindle Reader. Now you can get the most out of your certification training and your Kindle with PrepLogic’s new Network+ (N10-004) Exam Manual. Take your Network+ Exam Manual with you while you’re at the airport, waiting at the doctor’s office or on your lunch break at work. PrepLogic’s Network+ Exam Manual comes complete with all your must-know CompTIA Network+ material, inclu

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Price: $ 9.00

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Becoming an A+ or Network+ Tech is a highly recommended starting point for anyone wishing to later become a Systems Administrator/Systems Engineer.

But in spite of all that hype, learning to setup and maintain a computer network is not that difficult to understand. In fact, in this book I have broken down all the information you need to know into a 21 day, step-by-step learning process. In addition, I have provided here a powerful study-guide to help you pass the actual exams, N10-003

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Price: $ 3.95

[OFFER] CompTIA Network+ Lab Manual (Exam N10-005)

Gain street-smart skills in network administrationThink of the most common and challenging tasks that network administrators face, then read this book and find out how to perform those tasks, step by step. CompTIA Network + Lab Manual provides an inside look into the field of network administration as though you were actually on the job. You’ll find a variety of scenarios and potential roadblocks, as well as clearly mapped sections to help you prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005. Learn

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