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What starting up a Virtual Desktop Agent, the desktop becomes unresponsive in the BIOS with the message, ‘Connecting to Provisioning services. Please wait……’ What would cause the desktop to delay during the startup process?

A.    The target device does NOT have an IP address.
B.    The Virtual Desktop Agent was incorrectly installed.
C.    The vDisk cache type is NOT set to `Cache on server disk’.
D.    The Stream Service is stopped on the Provisioning services host.

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All users in the Sales group must be able to save documents created on their virtual desktops to USB devices connected to their local desktops. Some users in the Sales group also belong to the Remote Users group; however, the Remote Users group must not be able to save documents to a local USB device. An administrator created the Sales USB policy, which allows Client USB device redirection for the Sales group, and the Remote Users USB policy, which prohibits Client USB device redirection for the Remote Users group. Which additional step must the administrator take to meet the needs of this scenario?

A.    Set the Remote Users USB policy to ‘Disable’.
B.    Edit the USB device list on the endpoint device.
C.    Ensure that the Sales USB policy has highest priority.
D.    Add Client USB device redirection rules to the Sales USB policy.

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